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how to evaluate a function with three variables

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SALEH ALHUMAID le 29 Oct 2019
I am new to Matlab and I am trying to find the RMS of the power. how can i write the code? I guess i have to start with eq(11) to find the power that has a summation
and in that equation I am having three vatiables, time, n2 and Fm. how can I write the loop for that?
>> n1= 30;
>> do= 0.001;
>> %% n2 is the total number of magnetic slabs
>> n2= 78.343;
>> fd= 2170221.96;
>> cv= 0.1875;
>> d33= 6.40e-10;
>> T= 1/n1;
>> % flux density Bd
Bd= (Br/pi)*(atan2d((l*w),(2*d*sqrt(4*d^2+l^2+w^2)))-atan2d((l*w),(2*(tm+d)*(sqrt(4*(tm+d)^2+l^2+w^2)))));
>> t= 0:0.0003:T;
>> pe = (d33^2*n1*N2*pi*fm^2*(sind(n1*N2*pi*t)*(cosd(n1*N2*pi*t))'))/cv;
>> fm= lm*wm*tm^1/3*Br*Bd*fd;

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Abhilash Padma
Abhilash Padma le 4 Nov 2019
Use “for” loop to solve your equation. Refer the documentation below which contains examples on how to use for loop: https://in.mathworks.com/help/matlab/ref/for.html


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