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Why am I unable to read my AVI file in MATLAB on a Mac Pro ?

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Anfal D
Anfal D le 5 Nov 2019
Commenté : Anfal D le 29 Sep 2022
I am trying to read avi video file but an error accure said :"Error using vision.VideoFileReader
Invalid input file."
even I tested for avi built in video in matlab.
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Bindu Verma
Bindu Verma le 29 Sep 2022
Have you found any solution. I am facing the same issue.?
Anfal D
Anfal D le 29 Sep 2022
yes it solved by using
videoObject = VideoReader('video_1_trim.mp4');
so for AVi video it will be readit only if i create the video by videoWriter ( aaa.avi)
I hope thats help you

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Sai Bhargav Avula
Sai Bhargav Avula le 27 Mar 2020
To the best of my knowledge MATLAB relies on Platform APIs to read a file using VideoFileReader. If Quick Time can't open the file on your macOS, you will not be able to read it using VideoFileReader.
Hope this helps!

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