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Trying to decrypt a message

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Angie Lee
Angie Lee on 27 Nov 2019
Commented: Angie Lee on 27 Nov 2019
I have a text file that contains a hidden message with a bunch of random characters in between letters and # symbols that separate each word. Here is the first line of the text:
I need to figure out how to write a single line for my toFind phrase that gathers only the letters and the # symbols. Here is what I have so far:
toFind = '[[a-zA-Z][#]]';
matches = regexp(line,toFind,'match');
This toFind statement finds all of the letters and #'s, but it also keeps a random ']' symbol in there. I'm not sure how to re-write the toFind statement to exclude the ']'.


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Accepted Answer

Guillaume on 27 Nov 2019
tofind = '[a-zA-z#]'
Read the regexp doc and its examples to learn how ranges work.
You may want to add a quantifier to the end of your expression as well.

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