Position or Orientation Control Parrot Mambo

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Inside the "Control System" of the "parrotMinidroneCompetition" there is a boolean variable for choosing the control mode of the drone.
When choosing the "Orientation Mode" (putting the variable equal to 0), which kind of input i need to give for let move the drone?
I would like to have a control mode where the drone always progress forward in relation with the yaw.
Now, using the "Position Mode", while increasing the x-axis value the drone goes straight; when I give a different yaw and increse the x-axis value the drone follow the same direction like before (the x-axis).
How can I solve this?
Thanks :)

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Maitreyee Mordekar
Maitreyee Mordekar on 4 Dec 2019
Hello Paolo,
If you put the value as 0, you would be using the orientation control that is the pitch, roll and yaw commands.
You can use position control (X, Y, Z, yaw) if you use the value of the constant to be 1. Yaw has an independent controller so you can use the yaw in both orientation and position control.
The X, Y and Z values are with respect to the global frame of reference. Hence, you see the behaviour that the drone moves straight even if you increase X after the yaw. It has been actually asked to increase teh global X and not the X with repect to the drone's body.
I hope this helps.
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Abhishek Koshe
Abhishek Koshe on 1 Aug 2022 at 10:26
Hello mam,
How can I change position of the drone using drone's body reference?

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