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Simulink library for LEGO Mindstorms (MATLAB 2011b)?

Asked by Ivana
on 1 Oct 2012
I see that the Simulink library for the block used with LEGO Mindstorms can only be used in MATLAB 2012 (<>. Moreover, when I tried to open the library with MATLAB 2011b, on a 32-bit PC, I got the error that it can not be used on a 32-bit computer.
Is there a Simulink library I can use with the MATLAB version I am using and the 32-bit computer? Thanks.


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Well, the computer I am working on is 32-bit. To be honest, I don't really know what this implies, but I assume that the above mentioned library can only be used on 64-bit computers?
Strange, from the list of files for that package, I see a bunch of 32-bit Windows specific files (.mexw32 extension), so I'm not sure why you would see an error about a 32-bit computer.
Apparently it is not important, because the library cannot be used in MATLAB 11b. I got the hint that I should try to use this instead: Thank you anyway! :)

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