TMS320F28335: Simulink generates code automatically

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Pemendra Kumar Pardhi
Pemendra Kumar Pardhi on 9 Dec 2019
Dear Big Min,
For DSP kit(TMC320F28335) interfacinng with matlab, You need to do following steps:-
  1. Go to the add on and add > Get Target Hardware support Pakage> Download C2000 Support Pakage.
  2. Follow the steps for downloading
  3. Code composer Studio
  4. Instal the control suit
  5. Draw the simulink model
  6. Go on the model configuration parameter
  7. In side the Model Configuration Parameter Pane select select hartware implemantation
  8. In External Mode select COM Port
  9. For COM Chaking The COM portt Go on this PC>Computer> Manage>Device Manager> Check Port
I this it will be helpfull for you
Pemendra Kumar Pardhi
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big Min
big Min on 9 Dec 2019
Thank you for your reply. I have built the DSP28335 code automatically generated based on Simulink. But I want to learn more. For example, build a buck voltage and current closed-loop circuit under Simulink, and directly generate code to write to DSP28335. Where can I download the simulation model routine of DSP28335? Looking forward to it!

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Pemendra Kumar Pardhi
Pemendra Kumar Pardhi on 9 Dec 2019
Dear Min,
For This,
You have to required Two sumulation model, first one is control model and second one is host model.
  1. For Close Loop Control Model:-use the ADC from embeded support library for taken the feedback current or voltage(according your control approch) into the control model.
  2. For regulate the voltage or current, creat a new model(host model). For this watch following link
  4. Watch part1,part 2 and part 3
  5. Also refer following link :
  6. From host model you can regulate voltage or current of buck regulator.


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