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Water supply system-Simulink

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ankith kumar s
ankith kumar s le 11 Déc 2019
Dear sir/madam.
i'm developing a water supply system using simscape blocks. I'm facing problem in designing supply of water from overhead tank to sump through gravitational effect. There is large variation between hand calculation and simulation results.
Can any one help me with this ?
With regards
Ankith Kumar S

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Yifeng Tang
Yifeng Tang le 17 Août 2022
Depending on what physical domain you are thinking of, a few pipeline blocks in the Simscape Fluids library allow the modeling of elevation between the two ports. For instances Segmented Pipe LP, Pipe (IL), and Pipe (TL). If you could be more specific about the problem, I may be able to follow up with a more detailed answer.


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