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Determine cross sectional area from patch data

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I am trying to slice a patch object and determine the cross sectional areas and ordinates at different vertical points.
For example, if I take the Matlab teapot example shown below. I would like to slice the teapot at z=0.5:0.5:2.5 and determine the area and the ordinates in the XY plane.
[verts, faces, cindex] = teapotGeometry;
p = patch('Faces',faces,'Vertices',verts,'FaceVertexCData',cindex,'FaceColor','interp')


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Accepted Answer

darova on 17 Dec 2019
I think there is no built-in function for your purpose
Try to search something like THIS

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J Travis Hunsucker
J Travis Hunsucker on 18 Dec 2019
Darova, Thank you for pointing this function out to me. I think it works. I am still trouble shooting my code, but will updated this post with what I find in case someone else shares this issue in the future. Thanks for the help!

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