Problem with CSR Bluethoot Driver for Windows

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I'm trying to download the bluethoot CSR driver from the link prvided in the "Getting Started Guide".
It's at page 6. There is this link:
I think the server is not working, because if I do a ping with this IP address it doesn't work.
Where can I find this drivers?
Thank for your help :)

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Maitreyee Mordekar
Maitreyee Mordekar on 27 Dec 2019
Hello Paolo,
Thank you very much for pointing this out.
Since the link is down, you will have to use the drivers that come with a CD when accompanying the Bluetooth CSR dongle.
I hope this helps.
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Paolo Rosettani
Paolo Rosettani on 28 Dec 2019
Hello Maitreyee
I've asked for the driver from the link, because de driver from the CD doesn't work on my PC.
Once I start the installation, after a while came up this window: "Windows Installer" (Screenshot attached) and the installation abort.
In this video you can see what happen: .
I've tried to install it on another PC, and it works (But it's too slow for work with matlab).
I've tried as well to install a Linux dual boot on my PC, but the drone doesn't want connect with matlab. It can be detected but not connected.
Do you know a solution for this problem?
(nowadays we can only work with my colleague MAC)

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