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What to use instead of simple function?

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LILIANA FLOREA on 29 Dec 2019
Commented: LILIANA FLOREA on 29 Dec 2019
In a ifourier function if is used simple function, the return is correct mathematically, but if I will use simplify function is not running.
What can I use instead to be correct?
syms a real
F = exp(-w^2/(4*a^2))
f = ifourier(F)
f = simple(f)
a*exp(-x^2*a^2)/pi^(1/2) .... witch is correct
but if I will use simplify is not running.
I tried this way:
syms w a real
F = exp(-w^2/(4*a^2));
return is exp(-a^2*x^2)/(2*pi^(1/2)*(1/(4*a^2))^(1/2))
witch is not correct mathematicaly.
Can you help me?
Thank you!


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David Goodmanson
David Goodmanson on 29 Dec 2019
Hi Liliana,
may not be pretty, but it does equal a/sqrt(pi) so it is mathematically correct.

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