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create struct with nx1 dimension

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Marc Janousek
Marc Janousek le 6 Jan 2020
Commenté : Marc Janousek le 6 Jan 2020
Hi !
I am looking for a way to create an empty struct with the dimensions 2x1.
So far i only know the comment
StructName = struct
which creates a struct with the dimensions 1x1
Thank you very much in advance!
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Stephen23 le 6 Jan 2020
Modifié(e) : Stephen23 le 6 Jan 2020
A struct with size 2x1 is not empty, it has two elements.
Empty means that at least one dimension has zero size.
The number of fields a structure has is unrelated to its size.
You can easily create a 2x1 (i.e. not empty) structure with no fields:
S = repmat(struct(),2,1)
Marc Janousek
Marc Janousek le 6 Jan 2020
Thank you Stephen! That got me on the right path!

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Max Murphy
Max Murphy le 6 Jan 2020
StructName = struct('FieldName1',cell(2,1),'FieldName2',cell(2,1));
% or
StructName = struct('FieldName1',[],'FieldName2',[]);
StructName = repmat(StructName,2,1);
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Marc Janousek
Marc Janousek le 6 Jan 2020
Thank you very much! Your input helped me a lot!

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