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spectral analysis of a signal

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vsee on 7 Apr 2011
I have a situation. I have a signal stored in a .csv file. The sample interval is 2us which means a sample taken every 2 micro seconds. I have a million samples in the file. Essentially the signal is in the time domain (x(t) vs t). I have to acquire the spectrum of the signal to analyze it. Can anyone please explain how to do this?

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Honglei Chen
Honglei Chen on 7 Apr 2011
You can use cvsread to read the signal into MATLAB first. If you have Signal Processing Toolbox, I'll suggest you to use spectrum object to compute the spectrum. See
>> help spectrum
for detailed help. If you do not have Signal Processing Toolbox, then you may need to use fft to compute the spectrum. Given you have a large data set, you may want to divide your data into segments, compute the spectrum and then average them.
vsee on 18 Apr 2011
I plotted the fft and the psd of the signal I have. Here is the link to the plot.
Although I don't see a peak in the fft plot, the psd plot does show a peak and then rolls off. Should I design a low pass filter to this spectrum to filter out the noise? If yes, how do I find out what my cutoff frequencies should be? Thanks again.

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