voltage regulator design for solar under varying irradiance

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i have designed a solar power system under varying irradiance condition with mppt ,this is connected to resistive load through a boost converter, but the voltage output of not constant . I need a voltage regulator to maintain the ouput voltage constant. But when the resistive load is replaced with battery the output voltage is constant. Why is the output voltage constant for battery and why is it varying for resistive load .

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Pemendra Kumar Pardhi
Pemendra Kumar Pardhi on 10 Jan 2020
Dear Josh,
To maintan the output dc voltage constant with resistive load you have to required PI controller.
with resistive load when you change the solar irradiation then small change on PV voltage is occure
and your duty cycle will remain same(mppt operation will not working) because of this output voltage will be change.
whenewer you have replace the resistance with battery then your voltage will be maintan constant because solar system will not feed the power to the battery or SOC of battery will not very.
Pemendra Kumar Pardhi


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