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solving odes that matrices should be update in every step.

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masoud azar
masoud azar on 13 Jan 2020
Commented: darova on 18 Jan 2020
Hi.I have a question that may be so elementary but so far I haven't found a solution. please if it is possible guide me.
i want to solve the 2nd order diffrential equation for vibration of 3DOF system.the equation is : [m]*{x"} + [C]*{x'} + [K]*{X} = -[M]*{r} d2g/dt2
that M is mass matrix . K , C are stiffness and damping matrices that should be update in every time step.also {r} = [ 0;0;1] and g" is the time-dependent external acceleration.(earthquake records).
for updating K and C matrices,i wrote a cod in matlab contains a for-loop that in every time step (=0.5 second) first update [K] and [C] matrices and then use ode45 to solve equation for time span=0.5 second.but i get suspicious result.for example ode45 output for every time span=0.5 second outputs a 61*1 vector but i think output should be a 6*1 vector like this : [x1; x'1; x2; x'2 ;x3;x'3]
can you tell me where is the problem? maybe i use ode45 in wrong method.
i attach my code to this question.
thank you for your help.


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darova on 13 Jan 2020
I made some changes in your code. Pay attention to refreshing parameters:
function sdot = ODEFUN(t,x)
g1 = interp1(TIME,G,t);
ag1 = interp1(TIME,AG,t);
%% ...
Also i didn't refresh C and K matrices (don't know how)
See attached file


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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 15 Jan 2020
I recommend having a good look at the ballode example. It shows using loops that eventually cover the entire time span, using event functions to detect when a discontinuinity has occurred and stopping the run and restarting it.
masoud azar
masoud azar on 18 Jan 2020
thank you darova and Walter Roberson.
at the moment i am trying to edit and rewrite the matlab code in both methods based on your comments and compare the output results in same inputs.
finally i will report the results here.
i am beginer in matlab and it may take a time.

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