Is it possible to run a complied simulink model with "rtwbuild" in parallel?

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I have a complex simulink model that is complied with rtwbuild to reduce run time. I need to run optimizations and parameter sweeps. Is it possible to do so in parallel?
% RTW Build
% Get RTP Structure for Parameter Alteration
rtpstruct = rsimgetrtp(mdlName,'AddTunableParamInfo','on');
% Save Tunable Parameter Structure
% Execution Command
runname = ['.',filesep,mdlName,...
' -p Rsim_Params.mat -i Rsim_Input.mat -tf ',...
num2str(Tend),' -v '];
% System Command - Run Model
[~,~] = system(runname);

Answers (2)

Jonathan Agg
Jonathan Agg on 28 Feb 2020
If you have Parallel Computing Toolbox, the function parsim lets you run simulations in parallel, including in rapid accelerator mode:
If you want to stay with MATLAB and Simulink, you can call system multiple times in the background by adding "&" at the end of your command. You'll want to make sure you write to different output files!
"To execute the operating system command in the background, include the trailing character, &, in the command argument."

Bhargavi Maganuru
Bhargavi Maganuru on 1 Apr 2020

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