simscape gas to physical system transition possible???

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Andy le 17 Jan 2020
Réponse apportée : Andy le 26 Jan 2020
Is it possible to transition between simscape Gas and legacy physical system pneumatic models, maybe like a G->PS block? I'm struggling to find the equivalient of a S->PS translator. If such a block is not available, what are the options.
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Andy le 17 Jan 2020
I just attached a model fragment that has the issue. Hopefully this will make it easier to get to resolution, or at least understanding. Thanks.

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Nishant Gupta
Nishant Gupta le 21 Jan 2020
Various sensors are available in Simscape library which converts that particular system (eg. Gas,Electrical,etc) property to physical signal. Just search sensor in Simscape Librbary Browser and select the one according to your requirement.
You can also refer to the following model to get some idea regarding interconnection between different systems:

Andy le 26 Jan 2020
I was a bit confused by this answer as I had been referencing the Aircraft ECS model, so I had to go back and look. That sample model is pure (MA), and has no (MA)->(G) transitions, for instance. In the meantime a colleage here also looked into the problem, and came up with the attached model. If going through a series of sensors and resevoirs is the best approach, then that is my answer. I'm curious about how this approach works in a much larger model, and I'll probably find out.
If there is a cleaner solution, I'd like to know that. Thanks.


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