Building Radar Data Cube

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Ameen Bin Obadi
Ameen Bin Obadi le 18 Jan 2020
Commenté : zy L le 31 Mai 2020
I am building a radar data cube for FMCW and for LFM radar, the built data (signal) I get after using the system object (phased.reciever) and collected in a matrix.
Is this signal considered to be the (beat signal) or do I still need to mutiply it with the tramsitted signal to get the beat signal?
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zy L
zy L le 31 Mai 2020
This also needs dechirp

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Honglei Chen
Honglei Chen le 20 Jan 2020
For FMCW, after phased.ReceiverPreamp, that's the raw signal. You will need to mix it with the transmitted signal and then do an FFT to find the beat frequency.
For LFM, the process is similar, but is more often referred to as stretch processing. You can use the stretch processor in the toolbox to find the beat frequency.


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