Edge distortion when resampling a signal

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I have the follwing cosine signal that is sampled at rate fs = 32 Hz.
f = 30;
fs = 32;
dt = 1/fs;
t = -0.5:dt:0.5;
c = cos(2.*pi.*f.*t);
plot (t,c)
I want to upsample it as follows:
ty = linspace(-0.5,0.5,270)
y = resample(c,1003,123);
But as you can see there is distrotion at the edge. Is there any way to avoid that?

Accepted Answer

Star Strider
Star Strider on 18 Jan 2020
From the documentation:
When filtering, resample assumes that the input sequence, x, is zero before and after the samples it is given. Large deviations from zero at the endpoints of x can result in unexpected values for y.’ (In: Resample Linear Sequence)
Minimize it by increasing the filter order and using a Kaiser window.
For example:
y = resample(c,1003,123, 16, 192);
Experiment with these and other additional arguments to see the result.

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