How can I connect raspberry pi with arduino via USB port using simulink?

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takamitsu hatakeyama
takamitsu hatakeyama on 22 Jan 2020
Commented: Prasanth Sunkara on 18 May 2020
I'm takamitsu.
I want to connect raspberry pi with arduino to receve/send back information such as sensor deta/calculated input via usb port.
I think I should use serial write/read brocks,(In case of arduino , It's serial transmit/receive blocks ) but I have no idea about what prosidure should I take.
could you tell me about this?

Answers (2)

Prasanth Sunkara
Prasanth Sunkara on 23 Jan 2020
Hi Takamitsu,
From what I understand, you are trying to utilize the Raspberry Pi's Serial communication for exchanging data between Pi and Arduino.
Similar to Arduino, we have Serial Read and Serial Write blocks.
I hope this information helps!

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