Changing Matlab toolbox sliceViewer properties

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Aidan Shek
Aidan Shek le 23 Jan 2020
Hi I have a 3d image that I would like to view inbetween the layers, I am trying to use the sliceViewer tool:
I am able to load the tool but i am unsure how to change the properties so that I could view the slices from the Y direction and the X direction instead of the Z direction as is the default value.
Additionally in the same kind of question how would i change the properties of the orthosliceViewer:
I would like to view the different layers instead of the default at the midplane.

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Ganesh Regoti
Ganesh Regoti le 31 Jan 2020
For Matlab functions, the arguments are provided in the format of name-value pairs. You can refer to examples in the following doc
Here is small code-snippet to change the view of sliceViewer
load mristack
cmap = parula(256);
s = sliceViewer(mristack,'Colormap',cmap,'SliceDirection','Y') %SliceDirection is the property that changes the view of image slices
Hope this helps!

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