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report generator can't handle blanks in path name

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Timo Dietz
Timo Dietz le 28 Jan 2020
Commenté : Timo Dietz le 28 Jan 2020
in order to use the report generator of Matlab I created the needed template sheet with a relative path to an
image which shall be loaded.
All works fine as long as the image's full path does not contain a blank. Thus, after moving everything to a new
location (the relative path stays the same) the image can't be found because of blanks inside the full path:
ERROR: Image not found. URI: file:///D:/NewLocation/Path%20With%20Blanks/relPath/imagefile.png
The blanks are replaced by '%20' and the full path makes no sense, anymore.
Any suggestions?
Many thanks,
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson le 28 Jan 2020
The blanks should be replaced with %20 . What is being displayed is a URI, and URI's use percent encoding
The generic URI syntax recommends that new URI schemes that provide for the representation of character data in a URI should, in effect, represent characters from the unreserved set without translation, and should convert all other characters to bytes according to UTF-8, and then percent-encode those values.
The table of unreserved characters is shown further up on the page, and does not include space, so space characters in URI should be encoded as %20.
Timo Dietz
Timo Dietz le 28 Jan 2020
Thanks for your comment.
Unfortunately I can't replace the blanks by %20 in the template file because I do not know the final full path.
This is why in the template a the relative path is stated - which is sufficient. The Matlab report generator creates the full path internally and seems to be unable to deal with the blanks.

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