How to open 2019b simulink models in 2019a version??

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i got some bms example simulink models from mathworks. and those models are belongs to 2019b latest version. But I had 2019a older version of the software. Is there any way to open those files without upgrading to newer version?? please suggest me

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Pemendra Kumar Pardhi
Pemendra Kumar Pardhi on 28 Jan 2020
Dear, Dileepa B. S,
For open to simulink model in MATLAB2019a, wchich is created in MATLAB2019b,
For this, you can take help from any one who has software MATLAB2019b or later, and from it model can export in previose version.
Pemendra Kumar Pardhi
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Dileepa B S
Dileepa B S on 4 Feb 2020
Thank you, But is there any otherway to open the files without newer version??

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