Error in XML file

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Kash Costello
Kash Costello on 4 Feb 2020
Answered: Jeremy Hughes on 4 Feb 2020
Hi, I'm having problem with my XML file. It says:
An invalid XML character (Unicode: 0x1) was found in the element content of the document.
I can only view the <0x01> error when using Sublime Text but when I open it in notepad, it's just a space. When I read it in matlab using textscan, it's also just a space so I can't see what's the special character is. Is there a way to fix this? It would be a really great help.
Thank you so much!

Answers (1)

Jeremy Hughes
Jeremy Hughes on 4 Feb 2020
You could try
fid = fopen(fname);
bytes = fread(fid);
If that doesn't find anything, then it may be related to the encoding.
Many things look like a space, by the way.
for example. You can try casting to double to see the values of each character.


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