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Unable to use a value of type SeriesNetwork as an index

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Jorge Bennasar Vazquez
Jorge Bennasar Vazquez on 7 Feb 2020
Commented: Yunyu Hu on 19 Aug 2021
Hi everyone,
I was working with my LSTM network (working perfectly) and suddenly I encountered this error (after working 100 times approx...):
running: Y_pred = predict(net,X_test{(idx)});
error: Unable to use a value of type SeriesNetwork as an index.
net is a SeriesNetwork (as it should be) and X_test has the correct shape.
I am extremely confused,
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Imola Fodor
Imola Fodor on 4 Nov 2020
I have practically the same problem. I am passing net (alexnet) as an argument for the activations() function, and I get the error right away (not after working).

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Madhav Thakker
Madhav Thakker on 12 Apr 2021
Hi Jorge,
I am guessing you had a variable named SeriesNetwork in memory when trying to do the predict. Can you try clear out excess variables from memory using clear and try it again?
Hope this helps.

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