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Filter a table based on date (Error using tabular/do​tParenRefe​rence (line 95) Unrecognized row name '01/00/0000'.)

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Hey all,
I want to filter a huge table (namely testtable) based on a desired date at the date column. I was read Matlab documentation and used this code:
tr = datestr(1/1/1989,'mm/dd/yyyy');
foundedrows = testtable(,:);
But unfortunately, I gave this error:
Error using tabular/dotParenReference (line 95)
Unrecognized row name '01/00/0000'.
then I try to use this code below but it doesn't work too:
idx = testtable(:,6)== 1/1/1989; % 6 is column number of date in testtable I know this is hard coding but I dont know how to fix it
tablenew = testtable(idx,:);
the error is:
Undefined operator '==' for input arguments of type 'table'.
Here is an example of what I'm looking for:
Name value date elevation
------------ ----------- --------- -----------
Dez 0.25 1/1/2015 18.5
Arak 1 2/1/2015 150
Ahaz -0.25 3/1/2015 0
Anad -0.80 1/1/2015 215
If I want 1/1/2015 data I want to select whole rows:
Name value date elevation
------------ ----------- --------- -----------
Dez 0.25 1/1/2015 18.5
Anad -0.80 1/1/2015 215
As the original table has a large size so I cut a part of it and attached it here.
Any advice is highly appreciated
Thank you in advance


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Accepted Answer

J. Alex Lee
J. Alex Lee on 8 Feb 2020
The second way is almost right, but when you use () on testtable, you are extracting a subtable, rather than the datetime array holding your dates
targetdate = datetime(1989,1,1); % datestr(1/1/1989,'mm/dd/yyyy');
istarget = == targetdate;
% alternatively
% testtable{:,'date'}
newtable = testtable(istarget,:);


Behzad Navidi
Behzad Navidi on 8 Feb 2020
Dear J. Alex Lee,
Thank you so much for your reply. I'm sorry, just a little question: did you know if I want to handle a time range (for instance 1/1/1989 to 1/1/2008) rather than a particular time (like 1/1/2015) what should I do? I guess it's can be something like this:
datelimstr = {'1/1/1989': '1/1/2008'};
datelim = datenum(datelimstr, 'mm/dd/yyyy');
istarget = == datelim;
% alternatively
% testtable{:,'date'}
newtable = testtable(istarget,:);
Thank you again.

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