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sereksan le 8 Fév 2020
An airplane is moving with constant velocity along x-axis between two points. I need to plot range from the stationary object on the ground with position [0,250,0]. I’m using rangeangle MATLAB function to find the range and angles. I need to create a loop to plot all the points.
That what I have so far
TargetLoc = [0;-250;0];%target location
Origin = [-2000;0;450]; %start point
mph=45;%velocity in miles per hour
d=linspace(-2000,2000,200);% total distance travelledwith points
vel=mph*0.44704;%veloci,ty in m/s in x direction
[tgtrng, tgtang] = rangeangle(TargetLoc,Origin);
Thanks in advance.
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson le 8 Fév 2020
rangeangle() from the phased array toolbox seems like an unusual choice for this problem ??

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darova le 8 Fév 2020
I'd just use cart2sph (built-in function)
TargetLoc = [0;-250;0];%target location
Origin = [-2000;0;450]; %start point
mph=45;%velocity in miles per hour
vel=mph*0.44704;%veloci,ty in m/s in x direction
% time = abs(norm(TargetLoc) - norm(Origin))/vel;
n = 100; % number of points
x = linspace(TargetLoc(1),Origin(1),n); % position of airplane
y = linspace(TargetLoc(2),Origin(2),n);
z = linspace(TargetLoc(3),Origin(3),n);
[azimuth,elevation,r] = cart2sph(x,y,z) % angles at any point

Honglei Chen
Honglei Chen le 18 Fév 2020
I didn't quite understand what you mean by
position = d.*t
but rangeangle() support vectorization so you should be able to pass in all positions into it and get the corresponding range and angles.


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