MUSIC algorithm for direction of arrival

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uzmeed le 9 Fév 2020
Commenté : uzmeed le 23 Fév 2020
I just need to ask is MUSIC algorithm a phase comparison technique?

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Honglei Chen
Honglei Chen le 18 Fév 2020
Generally speaking MUSIC belongs to subspace method. It doesn't really compare amplitude or phase, instead it takes advantage of orthogonality between signal and nosie subspace. Not sure if you are mixing it with monopulse techniques, which does have amplitude and phase flavers.
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uzmeed le 23 Fév 2020
thanks Honglei
I had been working on implementing the MUSIC algorithm. I have done it sucessfully writing my own algo. Now I need to compare them.
One thing I have seen is that the input to the MUSIC algorithm is taken from IF in the form of a+bi to form a covariance matrix.
It actually doesnot compare the amplitude or phase but amplitude and phase are the input to the algorithm.
Is my understanding correct?

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Shunichi Kusano
Shunichi Kusano le 9 Fév 2020

uzmeed le 11 Fév 2020
Thank you Shunichi
I know the theory of MUSIC well and that it is a spatial method for AoA estimation
My question is that AOA has two major categories Amplitude and phase comparison
Broadly speaking ni which category it lies? and does it necessarily needs phase info for implementation
Please also mention any literature that specifically addresses this aspect.
Moreover MUSIC algo is part of phased array tool box in MATLAB so should I consider it as phase comparison method specfically

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