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How can I transmit CAN data through USB-to-CAN converter(IXXAT)

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Haksun Lee
Haksun Lee le 11 Oct 2012
Hi, All... I am struggling to do CAN communication through USB-to-CAN converter manufactured at IXXAT company.
I know how to transmit CAN data through following code.
message = canMessage(2500,true,4);
canch = canChannel('Vector','CANcaseXL 1',);
transmit(canch, message);
But I didn't have XL Driver so I don't use 'Vector' command.
In my case, I am going to use USB-to-CAN converter.
How can I transmit CAN data USB-to-CAN converter manufactured at IXXAT company? Have you ever used USB-to-CAN converter for CAN communication?
I need your help.... Thank you for reading.
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mengbin min
mengbin min le 9 Oct 2017
Hi, I think you need the IXXAT driver to add into matlab. There are four vendors which are supported by matlab.

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Stefanie Schwarz
Stefanie Schwarz le 8 Mai 2023
Unfortunately, IXXAT CAN devices are not supported with MathWorks products like Vehicle Network Toolbox.
See our Hardware Support page for other CAN devices supported with our products:


En savoir plus sur Vehicle Network Toolbox dans Help Center et File Exchange

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