Clearing Global variables... except for.

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Trevor Harris
Trevor Harris on 11 Oct 2012
Hey all,
I wish to clear all my global variables apart from two. So I've generated a cell array of strings that contain all my global variables and removed the two I wish to save:
globals = who('global');
globals = globals(~strcmpi(globals,'waitGUI'));
globals = globals(~strcmpi(globals,'decayFig'));
This is where I'm stuck. How do I clear all the variables who's names of the variables are strings within the cell array "globals"? Thanks!

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Daniel Shub
Daniel Shub on 11 Oct 2012
Edited: Daniel Shub on 11 Oct 2012
To remove the variables locally
to remove them globally
clear('global', var{:})
You should also look into the regexp support of clear and the -except flag.
clear -global -except waitGUI decayFig
Daniel Shub
Daniel Shub on 11 Oct 2012
Sorry I thought you wanted to do it locally. To do it globally is essentially the same, except you need the global flag. You really should read the documentation of clear, since there are a number of better ways of doing this.

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José-Luis on 11 Oct 2012
Edited: José-Luis on 11 Oct 2012

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 11 Oct 2012
Here's one way. Just save what you want into local variables, then destroy all globals, then recreate the globals you want:
% Save into local variables.
saved_waitGUI = waitGUI;
saved_decayFig = decayFig;
% Clear all globals
clear global;
% Redeclare globals
global waitGUI;
global decayFig;
% Restore the globals we wanted to keep
waitGUI = keep_waitGUI;
decayFig = keep_decayFig;

Jan on 11 Oct 2012
A meta-answer: Avoid working with GLOBALS. There are always better solutions which do not make the debugging a trip to hell.

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