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License checkout failed for borrowed license/products

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Longwen Qin
Longwen Qin le 18 Fév 2020
I'm using Matlab enterprise license and need to borrow products/license to work in case internet connection is not available.
I got the following check license error (for matlab_coder, simulink_coder and embedded_coder), even when I already borrowed the licenses of them. But for matlab, simulink, stateflow I don’t get this error, when I ran license checkout.
Does anyone know the reason for that? Thanks

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Denis Gurchenkov
Denis Gurchenkov le 18 Fév 2020
Can you please contact MathWorks technical support and tell them you have a problem related to installation and licensing. This could be something you need to do differently, or this could be a bug that you found -- contacting the tech support is the easiest way to sort this out.


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