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Write value to gauge in MATLAB design app

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Cannot write value to display on guage in app layout. Looking to display velocity of of DC motor.

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David Proctor
David Proctor on 26 Feb 2020
Cheers Benni,
Just started using MATLAB, I have the motor RPM=app.x from a selector switch for 3 speeds. I want divide by 60 to put into rev/sec then display on guage app.VelocityRevSecGuage. Also the pulse frequency of stepper motor fz=app.x/0.3 and display on another guage app.

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Benjamin Großmann
Benjamin Großmann on 26 Feb 2020
In the inspector, look for the label of the gauge. Originally it is labeled as "Gauge". You also see this on the code page inside the app property block. Then you can write to your gauge from a function within your class via app.Gauge.Value = x; where x is the value that you want to display.
How do you obtain the velocity of the DC motor?


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