Calculating Vibrational frequency with MPU 6050

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Hello I am trying to calculate the vibrational frequency of a motor. I am using an arduino to power a motor, 10mm Vibration Motor - 3mm Type Model: 310-122 by percision microdriver. Using a duty cycle of .54 i epxect a vibrational frequency of 190hz but when i plot it i only get to 40hz i beleive. My current script uses the ardunio and mpu 6050 library to loop reading the values then storing them into an array. I plot acceleration vs time and use the fft to get magnitude vs frequency. Is it my sampling frequency that may be wrong? I have based my code off other examples I have seen on MathWorks. Also would it be better if i recorded the data to an excel then read that in a different script? I have seen a lot of examples that read from excel and then fft.
clear all
close all
a = arduino('COM3', 'Uno', 'Libraries', 'I2C');
imu = mpu6050(a);
%pause on
writePWMDutyCycle(a,'D3', .24);
format shortg
for i = 1:1000
%c = clock
acc = readAcceleration(imu);
x(i) = (acc(1)/9.80665);
y(i) = (acc(2)/9.80665);
z(i) = (acc(3)/9.80665);
time(i) = toc;
f1 = figure;
f2 = figure;
f3 = figure;
f4 = figure;
f5 = figure;
f6 = figure;
ylabel('y,Acceleration (g)')
xlabel('x,Time (MilliSeconds)')
title('X Accel')
ylabel('y,Acceleration (g)')
xlabel('x,Time (MilliSeconds)')
title('Y Accel')
ylabel('y,Acceleration (g)')
xlabel('x,Time (MilliSeconds)')
title('Z Accel')
t = (time)*1E-1; % time to miliseconds, maybe no conversion?
v = x; % accel values of x axis (g)
L = length(t);
Ts = mean(diff(t));
Fs = 1/Ts;
Fn = Fs/2;
vc = v - mean(v);
FTv = fft(vc)/L; % Fourier Transform
Fv = linspace(0, 1, fix(L/2)+1)*Fn; % Frequency Vector (Hz)
Iv = 1:length(Fv); % Index Vector
plot(Fv, abs(FTv(Iv))*2)
xlabel('Frequency (Hz)')
ylabel('Amplitude (g)')
title('X Frequency')
v2 = y;
vc2 = v2 - mean(v2);
FTv2 = fft(vc2)/L; % Fourier Transform
Fv2 = linspace(0, 1, fix(L/2)+1)*Fn; % Frequency Vector (Hz)
Iv2 = 1:length(Fv2); % Index Vector
plot(Fv2, abs(FTv2(Iv2))*2)
xlabel('Frequency (Hz)')
ylabel('Amplitude (g)')
title('Y Frequency')
v3 = z;
vc3 = v3 - mean(v3);
FTv3 = fft(vc3)/L; % Fourier Transform
Fv3 = linspace(0, 1, fix(L/2)+1)*Fn; % Frequency Vector (Hz)
Iv3 = 1:length(Fv3); % Index Vector
plot(Fv3, abs(FTv3(Iv3))*2)
xlabel('Frequency (Hz)')
ylabel('Amplitude (g)')
title('Z Frequency')
writePWMDutyCycle(a,'D3', 0);
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pvsk Reddy
pvsk Reddy on 9 Dec 2020
Hello Mr. Alexander,
Are able to sort this out? by chance.

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Answers (1)

Gayatri Menon
Gayatri Menon on 21 Apr 2020
Could you try setting the SampleRate of the imu object and use read()
>> imu = mpu9250(a,"SampleRate",190);
>> tt =
>> tt.Acceleration
Please use the below links for more information
Hope this helps

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