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How to choose 5 random rows from an array of 8 rows for 10 times and save the 10 results

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Hi suppose I have an array of 8 rows as below:
I wish to choose 5 random rows 10 times
Suppose 6,4,8,7,2 is the first random result, how do I save row 6,4,8,7,2 as a input result so that I do not have a different first result if I wish to run the program next time again. And similarly apply it for the rest of the 9 results.


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Accepted Answer

J. Alex Lee
J. Alex Lee on 4 Mar 2020
Edited: J. Alex Lee on 4 Mar 2020
if order doesn't matter (6,4,8,7,2 is the same as 4,6,8,7,2)
doc nchoosek
if order does matter (6,4,8,7,2 is different from 4,6,8,7,2)
doc perms


tinkiewinkie on 4 Mar 2020
i tried nchoosek(1:8,5) and it gave me the combination of all possible 56 combination. How do I choose 10 random combination and saved it as a fixed result?

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