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labelling the colormap and adjusting the x label of a 3D surface plot

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Andrew Alkiviades
Andrew Alkiviades on 15 Oct 2012
Hi I am trying to plot a 3D surface plot in matlab with a colorbar.
I would like to know how to
1) label the title of the colorbar
2) change the axis tick labels
The important parts of my code are number_panels = 1:100:500; number_turbines = 0; number_batteries = 0:300:1700;
for idx_number_panels = 1:length(number_panels)
for idx_number_turbines = 1:length(number_turbines)
for idx_number_batteries = 1:length(number_batteries)
for h=2:3 %# hours
A = squeeze(total_annual_cost)
B = squeeze(total_renewables_penetration)
I am trying to change the x and y axis ticks from the intervals of the for loop to actual numbers that represent each interval.
I can't seem to find any of the above in the documentation
Thank you


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