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How to compare two excels for matches and differences row by row in Matlab?

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Yera Yera
Yera Yera le 11 Mar 2020
In first excel, i have a spreadsheet(100x100). In second one, i have a spreadsheet which is only 1 row x 100 colums. I would like to compare second excel file with first excel for matches row by row. I need to know which row from first excel matches with row from second excel. Thank you

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Guillaume le 11 Mar 2020
allrows = readmatrix('your1stexcelfile'); %readmatrix requires R2019a or later
singlerow = readmatrix('your2ndexcelfile');
isthesinglerow = ismember(allrows, singlerow, 'rows');
isthesinglerow will be a logical array where a 1 indicates that the corresponding row of allrows matches singlerow. If you want the index of these rows use find(isthesinglerow).


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