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How two fuse two sets of images?

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Gabriele Ciccone
Gabriele Ciccone le 11 Mar 2020
Commenté : Guillaume le 12 Mar 2020
Hi all,
I have two folders with same number of same dimnesion images : one for the greyscale images and one for the RGB images. I'm looking for a way to use imfuse (or a function like that) to combine image 1 from one folder to image 1 from the second folder, then image 2 from one folder to image 2 from the second folder, image 3 to image 3 etc etc..
edit: I'm looking for an aoutomatic way to do this for all the 230 + 230 images.
I'm an archaeologist so not really expert with code, but I learn fast!!
Thnaks a lot for any help!
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Guillaume le 11 Mar 2020
You can do pretty much anything you want in matlab. The amount of effort can of course vary. As long as you have a rule for matching images from one set to the images of the other it should be easy. If it's just matching them in numerical order then it's easy.
Gabriele Ciccone
Gabriele Ciccone le 11 Mar 2020
Yes! I need to match them in numerical order. Do you have some suggestions or maybe a code the suits for my needs?

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Guillaume le 11 Mar 2020
Step 1: Download Stephen's natsortfiles.
Then adapt as needed. I still don't know what you want as output. I assume new images in another folder
folder1 = 'C:\somewhere\somefolder';
folder2 = 'C:\somewhere\someotherfolder';
folderout = 'C:\anothersomewhere\something';
outfilepattern = 'FancyName%03d.tif'; %see the documentation of sprintf for format string syntax
filelist1 = dir(fullfile(folder1, '*.tif'));
filelist2 = dir(fullfile(folder2, '*.tif'));
assert(numel(filelist1) == numel(filelist2), 'Mismatch between file count in input folders.');
filelist1 = natsortfiles({filelist1.name});
filelist2 = natsortfiles({filelist2.name});
for fidx = 1:numel(filelist1)
img1 = imread(fullfile(folder1, filelist1{fidx}));
img2 = imread(fullfile(folder2, filelist2{fidx}));
img_fuse = imfuse(img1, img2, 'montage'); %works even if one image is greyscale and the other is rgb. Smaller images get padded to fit the size of the larger one.
imwrite(img_fuse, fullfile(folderout, sprintf(outfilepattern, fidx)));
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Gabriele Ciccone
Gabriele Ciccone le 12 Mar 2020
It works!
Thank you so much Guillame. I owe you!
Guillaume le 12 Mar 2020
If your problem is resolved, then please accept the answer that solved it.

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Ralf U.
Ralf U. le 11 Mar 2020
You can use the imfuse function to combine the images in the same plane. Have a look at the doc for more infos.
if you want to combine GRB and greyscale images, you might want to convert them both to RGB first:
rgbImage = cat(3, grayImage, grayImage, grayImage);
or if greyscale suffices:
rgbImage = ind2rgb(grayImage, colormap);
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Gabriele Ciccone
Gabriele Ciccone le 11 Mar 2020
Yep, ok. But I need to combine 235 images from one folder to the 235 images of the other one: frist with first, second with second etc etc... I'm looking for an aoutomatic way to do this. Thx for any suggestion.
Guillaume le 11 Mar 2020
Note that imfuse will automatically convert a greyscale image to RGB if the other is RGB, no need to do this yourself.

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