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arc question about implementing angle using linspace

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Amal Fennich
Amal Fennich on 17 Mar 2020
Edited: Adam Danz on 19 Mar 2020
r_angl = linspace(pi/4, 3*pi/4, N);
what does this mean? because I have an angle of 3.433 degree and I do not know how to implement it here ! any help ?


Adam Danz
Adam Danz on 19 Mar 2020
"what does this mean?"
Check out the linspace page in the documentation. That line is basically creating N points between (1/4)pi (45 deg) and (3/4)pi (135 deg).
Check out madhan ravi's answer to convert deg<==>rad. Here's a summary:
  • deg = rad * 180/pi
  • deg = rad2deg(rad)
  • rad = deg * pi/180
  • rad = deg2rad(deg)

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madhan ravi
madhan ravi on 17 Mar 2020
if you are looking to convert radians to degrees use the function rad2deg() function

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Amal Fennich
Amal Fennich on 17 Mar 2020
I have to draw an arc in Matlab which is going to represent half of airfoil .
the slope of the arc is dy/dx=(69.722-x^2+x-0.25)^-1/2(-x+1/2)
theta =3.433 degree
center is (0.5,-2.335)
someone has posted this code for arc and I have made slite changes on it but I do not know if I have resepted the requirements that I have :
circr = @(radius,rad_ang,p0) [radius*cos(rad_ang)+0.5; radius*sin(rad_ang)-2.335]; % Circle Function For Angles In Radians % Circle Function For Angles In Radians
circd = @(radius,deg_ang) [radius*cosd(deg_ang); radius*sind(deg_ang)]; % Circle Function For Angles In Degrees
N = 40; % Number Of Points In Complete Circle
r_angl = linspace(pi/4, 3*pi/4, N); % Angle Defining Arc Segment (radians)
radius = 2.35; % Arc Radius
xy_r = circr(radius,r_angl); % Matrix (2xN) Of (x,y) Coordinates
plot(xy_r(1,:), xy_r(2,:)) % Draw An Arc
axis([-1.25*radius 1.25*radius 0 1.25*radius]) % Set Axis Limits
axis equal

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