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Can use uihtml in GUI component such as text or panel ??

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galaxy on 18 Mar 2020
Answered: galaxy on 19 Mar 2020
I want to add HTML code in GUI.
But as I know, uihtml can use with figure only.
Do you know other way?


Mohammad Sami
Mohammad Sami on 18 Mar 2020
I am not sure what is the issue. A uifigure can be divided using uigridlayout. You can place uihtml inside one or more of the grid.
If you don't want to use gridlayout you can also position the various element by setting the position property.
galaxy on 18 Mar 2020
Thank you for your feedback.
Does uigridlayout can use in GUI ??? I think it only use in App, right?

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Accepted Answer

galaxy on 19 Mar 2020
I investigated, and we can use java as following
hfig = handles.figure1; % existed figure in GUI
je = javax.swing.JEditorPane('text/html', HTML_str);
jp = javax.swing.JScrollPane(je);
[hcomponent, hcontainer] = javacomponent(jp, [], handles.figure1.Children); % Panel childrent in existed GUI
set(hcontainer, 'units', 'normalized', 'position', [0,0,1,1]);
I ran and it was OK.
Thank you


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