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Debug /pause at every function definition line (local function or function script) without explicit breakpoints

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Octavian on 18 Mar 2020
Commented: Steven Lord on 19 Mar 2020
Dear All,
I am trying to debug a GUI associated with a (new to me) code package, containing m scripts with multiple local functions/subfunctions, and also function scripts. During certain GUI operations, the code executions hops from one function to another. Is there a way to pause in debug mode at the function definition line of any function/subfunction within a particular script, or when hopping to another function script, without declaring any breakpoints beforehead (since I do not know which scripts/functions the GUI uses a priori)?
Thank you,


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Accepted Answer

Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 18 Mar 2020
There's no way to say "stop whenever a new function gets called" in debug mode without setting breakpoints.
But if you're debugging your code you can "Step In" to the function that gets called on a particular line. You can also "Run to Cursor" to move your cursor to a particular line and automatically execute up to that point. See the "Step Through File" section on this documentation page for more information.


Octavian on 19 Mar 2020
Thank you Steven. A gross method to see where the code takes one is to find a downstream snippet that is confirmed processed, then introduce an error, the errorlog would show the path to error. Would be nice to have smth forward though.

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