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Perform inverse of each double within a cell

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gd on 18 Mar 2020
Commented: gd on 18 Mar 2020
Hi all,
Just want to preface saying I'm a newbie with Matlab so thank you for your help and patience.
I've got a 10x1 cell titled "Period," where each row contains a double ranging from 771x224 to 771x240 (see screenshot below). I want to find the inverse of each Period value (1/Period value) in each double, for the entire Period cell, and place into a new 10x1 cell titled "Frequency". To my understanding, I cannot use cellfun to perform this.
Thank you in advance, I appreciate any help / tips!


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the cyclist
the cyclist on 18 Mar 2020
Why do you think you cannot use cellfun?
Period = {[2 3; 5 7],[11 13]};
Frequency = cellfun(@(x)1./x,Period,'UniformOutput',false);

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gd on 18 Mar 2020
Thank you for your help. I was getting lost in the documentation for cellfun and didn't realize I could define my own function. This is helpful and I appreciate your quick response! I aim to decode documentation more thoroughly as I continue my Matlab practice.
Have a nice day and stay well!

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