Static vs Object Method Performance Considerations

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Abel on 18 Oct 2012
Are there any performance considerations regarding Static vs. object methods in MATLAB OOP?
Matt J
Matt J on 19 Oct 2012
@Abel - the problem with your test, though, is that even though you've declared your data constant, you have to execute the command "test.f" to access the data. This is something like calling an mfile function, I'd assume, and there is overhead associated with that. When the data you're processing is small in comparison to the overhead needed to access it, you get misleading results. I believe you even encountered the same issue here
@Daniel - the JIT has its benefits, bit it hasn't leveled the playing field completely. It will always be true, I think, that in a loop, if a function is given too small a chunk of data to process, the overhead from just launching the function (repeatedly) will kill you.

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Daniel Shub
Daniel Shub on 19 Oct 2012
Dave Foti who manages the OOP group at TMW has a post on Loren's blog that touches on some of these issues.
For your example I am not sure how smart the MATLAB JIT accelartor is and when things get reallocated and refreshed. It seems to me that once getc1 and getc2 are loaded into memory (remember MATLAB parses and loads functions into memory), that they are identical.


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