How to find the maximum element among the minimum elements in the columns in matrix m:n? With using loops.

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It seemed simple from the beginning, but I got confused. Can anyone show a script that will do this?
Ksenia Kolobaeva
Ksenia Kolobaeva on 25 Mar 2020
% % so... I started like this:
n = input(num2str('Rows: ', 's'));
m = input(num2str('Columns ', 's'));
massive = round(100+(200-100)*rand(n,m));
for i = 1:m
strr = massive(:,i);
for j = 1:n
% % And there should be a function that compares the elements, selects the minimum in the column and then compares which one is the maximum. I can't figure out what it should be.

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Answers (1)

Guillaume on 25 Mar 2020
There's never any need for a loop for things like that. Loops usually complicate the code in matlab.
maxofcolmin = max(min(massive, [], 2)); %return the maximum of the minimum across the columns of massive
Guillaume on 25 Mar 2020
Oh, it's some homework. I'm afraid you'll have to work it out yourself. It's not that hard. Keep track of your current minimum/maximum. Compare your element to that and if it is smaller/greater replace the current value.

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