Function that squares each elemnt of a matrix

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Norty on 26 Mar 2020
Answered: harsh raval on 18 Oct 2021
Hi everyone,
I´m strugling with writing a function that is suppose to square each element of my matrix. I tried doing it through vector and then reshaping it, but couldn´t quite hit the correct code. My problem is that i figured out a part of the code but can´t really put it all together since im new to mathlab.
Having matrix n x m then
for 1:n
for 1:m
but i dont really understand or know how to put in the function and what re the variables.
Thanks for any help.
Norty on 27 Mar 2020
I would. But I forgot to add, that its a excercise, where i have to write a loop function for squaring each element of matrix.

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Answers (2)

Peng Li
Peng Li on 26 Mar 2020
If you only want to square each element of a matrix, you use .^
For example:
A = randn(100, 100);
B = A.^2;
Norty on 27 Mar 2020
works just perfectly, Thank you very much, now i understand what i needed!

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harsh raval
harsh raval on 18 Oct 2021
a=[1 2; 3 4]
squa1 =
7 10
15 22
squa2 =
1 4
9 16
so, for traditional square of the matrix use a^2
but, for square of each element use a.^2

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