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Unable to Run Arduino Nano on External Mode

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Jason Wang
Jason Wang le 28 Mar 2020
Commenté : Sylvain le 18 Jan 2022
From Here onward it works for the simulink, but I am unable to run in external mode and try to "Monitor and Tune"
Deploying the code onto the arduino works. And even on an Arduino Uno it works. But I run into this issue on Nano
This is the error I am getting. I've tried the method used here but it doesn't work.
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Caren dudy
Caren dudy le 14 Nov 2021
I am having the same problem with my arduino uno (clone). I have tried to change the baudrate that has been told but it did not work , im still getting the same error as you do. Have you found any solution ?
Sylvain le 18 Jan 2022
I have faced a similar issue (though I do not rememeber the error message): the code was ok to be build and deployed but could not run with the tune&monitor mode. I found out it was a memory issue: Tune & Monitor add too much code to be supported by the Atmega368p. I upgraded to an arduino Due and it worked fine.

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