Substract Each Element in A Matrix MAT1 from all the elements of another Matrix MAT2

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Hi MATLAB experts ,
I have a matrix MAT1:
a1 x1 y1
b2 x2 y2
c3 x3 y3
k1 z1
k2 z2
k3 z3
I want to do : (abs(x1-k1)+abs(y1-z1)) * (abs(x1-k2)+abs(y1-z2)) * (abs(x1-k3)+abs(y1-z3)) * ....etc
this is for every row of MAT1
Thanks very much

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Peng Li
Peng Li on 28 Mar 2020
What MATLAB version are you using?
Newer versions actually support operations between e.g. a vector and a 2-d matrix if they have one dimension of the same length.
For your question, an easier work around is
k = 1;
prod(sum(mat1(k, 2:end) + mat2, 2));
you can make above code in loop to run through all rows. Should be ways to avoid this loop too.
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Tareq Rahmani
Tareq Rahmani on 28 Mar 2020
Thanks very much . But, I want it without using any loop.
I want some matrix operations that lead to the result.
Because , I think using matrices directly exceutes faster than looping in case of huge data

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