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Spherical coordinates to cartesian

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Matteo Fè
Matteo Fè on 28 Mar 2020
Commented: Steven Lord on 28 Mar 2020
I am plotting the antenna pattern in a 3D plot where two axis are representing the theta and phi coordinates. Now I would like to change the plot in order to be able to have real 3D plot in the xyz coordiantes system,
I tried to use the sph2cart function, but I am getting weird results.
Can someone help me please?
shading interp
[az, el]=meshgrid(phi0rad*180/pi, theta0rad*180/pi);
I attach also a picture of what I am trying to obtain.


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Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 28 Mar 2020
From the documentation "azimuth is the counterclockwise angle in the x-y plane measured in radians from the positive x-axis." and "elevation is the elevation angle in radians from the x-y plane."
Are your angles in radians or degrees?


Matteo Fè
Matteo Fè on 28 Mar 2020
Yes I was trying to follow the matlab coordinate system. The angles are in radians
Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 28 Mar 2020
From the fact that the names of the variables you're multiplying by 180/pi in your meshgrid calls imply that those variables are in radians (meaning you're gridding degree data) I don't think you calling sph2cart with angles in radians. You're trying to convert the gridded degree data.

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