Areas of improvement in Field Oriented Control (FOC) ?

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I am trying to a project based on FOC and BLDC motor using Simulink. I have been looking at material explaining how to use FOC with Simulink but from what I have seen there is an automatic PID autotuner. So is there really anything that can be improved from FOC in MATLAB ?
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sukru ozdemir
sukru ozdemir on 3 Jun 2020
Hello, I have the same homework. I also need a bldc motor hall sensor. I did it for pmsm let me add it below. I would be glad if you send me the sensor or yours

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Sabin on 7 Jan 2023
Field Oriented Control is a control strategy for electric machines that's been available since 1980s. Probably in terms of architecture not much to improve. In terms of design for a particular motor there are many aspects that can be improved and MATLAB/Simulink and other MathWorks toolboxes and blocksets can be used along the way. FOC is not only the PI controllers, we have also signal processing, position measurement or estimation, field weakening startegy and so on. The design from one motor to another and from one application to another might pose new challenges.

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