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How can I make plot3 show on the top of the images?

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Jingli Xie
Jingli Xie on 31 Mar 2020
Closed: MATLAB Answer Bot on 20 Aug 2021
The black line seems to on the top of the imagesc.
Howerever, the white line seems to on the bottom of the imagesc.
I want to plot white line on the above the imagesc ~ How can I do it?
That is to say that the white line will show completely in the interval [-1, 1].
my code is:
surf(ps, ts, SE_tp, 'edgecolor', 'flat'); hold on; view(2)
plot3([ps(1),ps(end)],[ts(t_idx1),ts(t_idx1)], [SE_tp(1,t_idx1) SE_tp(end,t_idx1)],'-w','linewidth',2.5); hold on
plot3([ps(1),ps(end)],[ts(t_idx2),ts(t_idx2)], [SE_tp(1,t_idx2) SE_tp(end,t_idx2)],'-w','linewidth',2.5); hold on

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Peng Li
Peng Li on 31 Mar 2020
Below example works fine
C = [0 2 4 6; 8 10 12 14; 16 18 20 22];
clims = [4 18];
hold on;
plot3([1 4], [1 3], [0 0], 'LineWidth', 4, 'Color', 'w');
This is a bit misleading i think as the color is not part of the colormap. It makes the heat image hard to interpret.


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