fminsearch with part of input function

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i have defined a function that is model, and want to use a fminsearch for a first value for the lsqnonlin,but i get all the time "Assignment has more non-singleton rhs dimensions than non-singleton subscripts" also in the error it says fv(:,1) = funfcn(x,varargin{:}); the model_error is the output to optimise
my code:
param0=[1, 50];
param0=fminsearch(@(param) Model(param,t,inlet_signal,outlet_signal),param0);
function [error_model,h]= dispmodel_2param(param,t,x,y)
theta = t/param(2);
h = (sqrt(param(1)./(4*pi*theta)).*exp(-param(1)./(theta*4).*(1-theta).^2));
h(1) = 0;
error_model= y-conv(h/param(2),x);

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 1 Apr 2020
No matter whether t, inlet_signal and outlet_signal are scalars or vectors, your line
is making y into a vector at that point. Then your error_model would be a vector because it involves y.
When you use fminsearch there is a single output for the function, and it must return a scalar.
The form you are using appears to have been designed for use with lsqnonlin, which expects the individual predictions to be returned rather than a sum-of-squares . lsqnonlin internally does the equivalent of sum( (fun(Param) - y).^2 ) but fminsearch does not.

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