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How can I install Optimization toolbox?

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Ritesh Khan
Ritesh Khan le 31 Mar 2020
Commenté : Steven Lord le 27 Mar 2024
function F =fun(x)
F(1) = exp(-exp(-(x(1)+x(2)))) - x(2)*(1+x(1)^2);
F(2) = x(1)*cos(x(2)) + x(2)*sin(x(1)) - 0.5;
command box
>> x0=[0;0];
>> fsolve(@(x) fun(x),x0)
'fsolve' requires Optimization Toolbox.
Why this is happening?

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Sai Bhargav Avula
Sai Bhargav Avula le 1 Avr 2020
If you have license for the toolbox you can refer the following link for installation:
Hope this helps!
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Faezeh Zarrin Khat
Faezeh Zarrin Khat le 21 Fév 2022
That helped a lot, thank you!

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phannatus le 25 Mar 2024

Jose Manuel Gabeiras Vazquez
How can I install fsolve?
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Steven Lord
Steven Lord le 27 Mar 2024
The fsolve function is part of Optimization Toolbox. You can check if you have this toolbox installed by running the ver command and looking for a line starting with "Optimization Toolbox" in the displayed output.

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